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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture program?

The Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture program offers free video series in which lifelong learners can explore the many ways in which the human person has been understood in the Catholic and classical traditions. It is an initiative of Liberal Learning for Life at the University of Dallas, which creates, cultivates, and connects lifelong lovers of the liberal arts.


Why are all of the series about “the person”? 

Following Pope St. John Paul II’s emphasis on anthropology (literally, the “understanding of the person”), the courses center on the question of the person. If, as St. Irenaeus writes, “The glory of God is the human person fully alive,” then understanding the human person correctly is inseparable from understanding God.


How can I participate?


There are two ways to participate: you can watch the videos by yourself, or as part of a group. Since learning is a communal endeavor and the food of friendship, we think that the fullest experience of this material can only be had in conversation with others, ideally over food and drink.


What is the cost?


There is no cost to watch the videos; just create a free account and log in. For the fullest experience you can purchase a print copy of each series’ companion booklet, containing brief outlines of the presentations, suggested discussion questions, short texts, and recommendations for further reading, for $14.99. Booklets can be purchased at the links on each series’ page, or by clicking here.


Where have groups been hosted in the past? 


We’ve had groups of people meet in churches, schools, Newman centers/college chaplaincies, and in private homes.


I run a campus Catholic center/Newman Center and I would like to organize a group of students to watch these videos. What should I do?


What an excellent idea! We’ve had very positive feedback from groups at NYU and North Dakota State who have hosted groups of students to watch and discuss these videos together. Send us an email at, and then we’ll help you organize a group.


I’m a UD alum. Is this for me, or does it just rehash what I did as an undergraduate?


We assure you that this is for you; while all videos feature exclusively UD professors, the materials are presented in an engaging, straightforward way suited for the adult viewer, not the college-aged note-taker. As a UD alum, you know better than anyone what UD has to offer: excellent professors and classic texts, bound together by rich conversations with good friends. We’re thrilled that UD is now sharing these with alumni and friends around the country through this program.


How long are the videos, and how many videos are in each series? 


Across the three series, the average length of the videos is about 25 minutes. Two series have 20 sessions; one series has 22 sessions. 


Are there reading assignments or other homework? 




Who designed these? 


Our sequence of courses has been designed by our President Dr. Jonathan Sanford, a Philosophy professor, Dr. Gregory Roper, an English professor,  Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel, a Nashville Dominican and theologian, and Dr. Shannon Valenzuela, an English professor and screenwriter.


Can I earn course credit for participating?


No. These are not courses offered for credit. Participants in groups, however, can earn a certificate of completion at the end of the series. Email us at to learn more.


I’d like to go deeper into this material by taking some courses; where should I go?


If you want to further your studies by taking courses for credit, you might be a good fit for our Master of Arts in the Humanities program at the University of Dallas.


I have more questions. Whom should I contact for answers? 


Email us at

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